Film Review: Avengers: Endgame

The Warning This is going to be a spoiler-ridden review. It’s not terrible but I really couldn’t help myself as my first attempt to remain vague and allow a shroud of mystery failed pretty damn quickly. However, I did manage to pull out a Spoiler Free review from this which is the very next post. Now […]

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Film Review: Captain Marvel

We may already have a Captain America, but I think being Captain of Marvel definitely trumps all. The Synopsis Skrull, a dangerous shapeshifting race has infiltrated a neighbouring planet where a Kree asset is hiding. A rescue mission by a group of elite Kree warrior heroes turns into one of their own being taken. Vers […]

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Film Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

There is a ghost in town, and everyone is bugging out. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is under house arrest following his thirty foot appearance in aid of Captain America. His two year loss of freedom, also meant the end of his ties with Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and her father Pym (Michael Douglas). Fortunately for some […]

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Film Review: Deadpool 2

This is a family movie. No seriously. However it’s less; picnics and picturesque shots to hang over the mantelpiece, and more; jumping out of planes, killing everyone in sight and giving the world the middle finger. Deadpool aka Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is enjoying his role as the most brutal, feared and rude assassin in […]

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Film Review: Avengers: Infinity War

As the saying goes; United we stand, divided we fall. Well stand our heroes must, in a war they don’t fully understand, but know that the implications could stretch to infinity and beyond. Thanos (Josh Bronlin)has come for the Asgardians, specifically for what they harbor – The Space Stone. But Thanos isn’t going to stop […]

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Film Review: Wonder Woman

Let’s just address the sexy elephant in the room and say that they couldn’t have cast a more wondrous woman to play the titular symbolic icon. Wonder Woman may be a fictitious character, but Gal Gadot sure does make you believe. Hot Damn. Created by Zeus, the Amazons where put on earth to thwart the […]

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Film Review: Doctor Strange

The title of this film is a massive indicator of the tone, and let’s just say it’s definitely a weird one as Sherlock Holmes dons a poor american accent, a pair of scrubs and heads on the trippiest gap year of his life in the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think my intro […]

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Spider-Man Snub

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will now feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having previously been in his own self contained world since 2002 when Toby Maguire donned the blue and red suit. This is thanks to an agreement between Marvel and Sony Pictures Entertainment – who hold the rights to Spider-Man. There has been talk […]

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