Film Review: Captain Marvel

We may already have a Captain America, but I think being Captain of Marvel definitely trumps all. The Synopsis Skrull, a dangerous shapeshifting race has infiltrated a neighbouring planet where a Kree asset is hiding. A rescue mission by a group of elite Kree warrior heroes turns into one of their own being taken. Vers […]

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Film Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Forget everything you thought you knew about wealth. Head to toe designer, celebrity littered parties and private jets are just the tip of the iceberg, because there’s rich… and then there’s crazy rich. When Nick Young (Henry Golding) flies back to Singapore for his best friends wedding he brings his girlfriend Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) […]

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British TV: Humans (Series 3)

Created by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley Broadcast: Channel 4 Concluded: 05/07/18 Synopsis: After the concluding events of the second series, the world has entered a new age for both humans and synths alike. Cast: Gemma Chan, Colin Morgan, Ivanno Jeremiah, Katherine Parkinson Episodes: Eight Spoilers spoilers everywhere and not a drop to drink. Even though I am focusing on the third […]

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