Film Review: American Assassin

Sporting some pretty were-wolfish facial hair, Dylan O’Brien has levelled up in the action game. His goal to destroy the wicked hasn’t changed but he is plunged into the real world armed with a grimace and a gun and is ready to run mazes around anyone who gets in his way on his path to […]

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Film Review: Home Again

She might be home again but it’s far from Alabama, as the sunny skies of California don’t warm the uncertainty that now shrouds Alice’s life. Figuring out how to be her best possible self after a separation, Alice adopts a new mantra; Loose one guy, gain three. If this is life at forty then sign me […]

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Movies in September

IT The Vault Wind River American Assassin Mother! Victoria and Abdul Kingsman: The Golden Circle Borg Vs McEnroe Brimstone Flatliners Goodbye Christopher Robin Home Again   *Based on UK release dates

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August Movies/TV Wrap Up

The movies I watched across the board this month…. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (Cinema) The Amazing Jessica James (Netflix) The Weekend (Netflix) Atomic Blonde (Cinema) You Got Served (Netflix – Rewatch) The Man from U.N.C.L.E (Netflix) Final Girl (Netflix) The Ugly Truth (Netflix – Rewatch) Mad Max: Fury Road (Netflix) I […]

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Film Review: Atomic Blonde

Travel, espionage, stylish ensembles and taking down men twice her size, if being a spy didn’t look cool before – it sure as hell does now. If there’s at least one thing we can ascertain from this movie; it’s that blondes may have more fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still hurt like a […]

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Movies in August

Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets The Emoji Movie: Express Yourself Atomic Blonde Pawn Sacrifice The Dark  Tower Everything Everything The Hitman’s Bodyguard American Made Detroit Logan Lucky Rough Night

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Film Review: Girls Trip

As the years go by those friends you were close to at university or college slowly drift away, and sometimes it’s for the best. These four women however are not ready to let the times they shared become a distant memory. Putting their problems to the side for the weekend, they’re ready to live, laugh and […]

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Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

So. Here we go again. The suit has been pried from Andrew Garfield’s still warm body, been given an update, and is filled once more. A lot younger than his previous Peter Parker’s, this eager beaver has a lot of growing up to do…literally… he’s fifteen. Battling High school and heroism, for once he doesn’t […]

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Film Review: Baby Driver

It’s the unofficial Transporter prequel from writer director Edgar Wright. He brought us the comedic British “Cornetto Trilogy” and Scott Pilgrim vs The World, to name a few, but his latest movie pushes the pedal to the metal in a whole new direction. With a stellar cast, thrilling chase scenes and originality to boot, nobodies putting […]

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Film Review: The Mummy (2017)

So, The Mummy returns…. and I’m not talking about the 2001 sequel to the original 1999 movie staring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. No no no, I make reference to the reboot of said original franchise which swaps out Fraser for Cruise, the Desert for London, and has a bigger picture in mind than stopping […]

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Film Review: Wonder Woman

Let’s just address the sexy elephant in the room and say that they couldn’t have cast a more wondrous woman to play the titular symbolic icon. Wonder Woman may be a fictitious character, but Gal Gadot sure does make you believe. Hot Damn. Created by Zeus, the Amazons where put on earth to thwart the […]

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Finally Watched: Big (1988)

And I’m three months older than you are, ASSHOLE! Big was one of those movies that I was sure I had watched, but actually never did because I was constantly getting it confused with Robin William’s Jack and Fred Savage’ s Vice Versa – and I’m sure I’ve only seen one of those anyway. Frustrated by […]

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Netflix Review: Party of Five

If you follow me on Twitter (@JustJen_02) then you would have seen me tweet earlier this month: Party of Five on @NetflixUK feels so surreal. The whole 4:3 thing is annoying but I’m loving the nostalgia nonetheless. When I saw Party of Five on Netflix I was instantly transported to my childhood home where I would […]

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