Film Review: Little

Being Big is so 1988 – now as adults we spend our times wondering what it would be like to be little once more.

Little - Regina Hall 2

The Synopsis
Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) is smart, confident and determined. Unfortunately she’s also a terrible person, and therefore the worst boss you could never ask for. Not that it’s entirely her fault; scarred by the bullies of her past, she’s grown up to be one of them. After all, being the meanest person in the room means you never get picked on – right?

Unfortunately when Jordan wakes up one morning in the body of her thirteen year old self (Marsai Martin), she has to learn to rely on the kindness of her mistreated assistant April (Issa Rae) to figure out a way out of kidulthood.

Our inner child still has something to teach us, if we’re willing – or in Jordan’s case cursed – to listen.

Little - Pink Pant Suit

The Good
At the end of the day – Little was a funny movie, as it was intended to be. This couldn’t have been made possible without the talents of Marsai Martin who was impeccable as a little girl with the mouth, mind and attitude of a grown ass woman. Occasionally it was creepy, but mostly it was hilarious.

Issa Rae, for the majority of the movie, I just saw as Issa Rae – but her awkward one liners added the right amount of flavour to her character, who was thankfully had her own personality rather than just being “the funny assistant”.

One thing I really enjoyed, and warmed up to pretty quickly was how normalised the situation was. Jordan pretty much ignored the fact that she was a child as she strutted around with a designer handbag and insisted on pouring herself a glass of Rose at 9am.


The Bad
As much fun as I had watching this movie, Little still had its messes.

Predominantly, the movie relied too much on the trope of being an age swap movies. Yes this movie was incredibly modernised, but that still didn’t mean they should have slipped on substance.

Potential strands of story where conflict could have added urgency to the plot didn’t resurface after doing its job of driving the characters in a particular direction. Child protection services was never seen or again after it was used to push Jordan to enrol in school. Within that; did nobody at the school wonder where Jordan had gone after her two day stint?

Being able to go back to your younger self with your adult brain is the ultimate prize, and to be honest, Jordan squandered, SQUANDERED the opportunity, she pretty much went back to Middle School to learn how to floss.

There were a lot of random scenes in the movie, that though funny, took a little while to get into as I sat confused wondering WHY it was happening. What they should have focused instead of the random unexplained scenes was the editing, as I counted more than a few continuity slips.


The Conclusion
It’s a classic place to be stuck in these days; the movie was okay – amusing and predictable but I wanted more. Do I have the right to complain, or should I just be content that I essential got exactly what the movie set out to give me?

Though plot wise, I wasn’t very pleased and that the bulk of the humour was in the trailer, the essence of comedy wasn’t lost within the movie itself. It’s also still nice to see more and more Will Packer movies (What Men Want, Think Like A Man, Breaking In)coming out every year.


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