Film Review: Girls Trip

As the years go by those friends you were close to at university or college slowly drift away, and sometimes it’s for the best. These four women however are not ready to let the times they shared become a distant memory. Putting their problems to the side for the weekend, they’re ready to live, laugh and get turnt.

Girls Trip - College

Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), has been asked to be the keynote speaker at the annual Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. Though weary from her successful book tour, Ryan agrees on the condition that she can bring her old college friends along for the weekend.

It’s been five long years since college besties – The Flossy Possy have seen one another, and since then they’re lives have gone in different directions. Sasha (Queen Latifah) – A once up and coming journalist, is near broke as her Gossip Blog; Sasha’s Secrets is on its last legs. Former wildcat Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) has settled a little too securely into being a single mother of two, whilst Dina (Tiffany Haddish) doesn’t seem to have grown up at all in the last twenty years.

Putting on a brave face despite their problems, they may be out of college and grown, but that doesn’t mean they have all the answers. What they do have however – is each other.

Girls Trip - Wigs

Funnily enough it wasn’t until I was sat in the cinema that I realised I hadn’t seen a single trailer for Girls Trip. I knew it had an all star cast and as per the title and movie poster suggested; would centre around four women on some sort of trip.

I still haven’t watched the trailer (I mean what’s the point now anyway?) so I can’t definitively say my spoiler free experience was the reason I found the entire movie so likeable – but I did, this movie was an absolute scream… literally!

The movie found a way to take a cliché story and make it its own. From characteristics to insane predicaments everything about this movie felt new. Even times when the comedy got a little…. crude…. you weren’t left with that awkward cringing feel as you wait impatiently for it to be over – in fact you wanted more.

What I found interesting was the involuntary expressiveness the movie brought out in the audience. People howling with laughter without a care, yelling ‘Oh My God!’ and sometimes screaming (I kid you not) in shock, made watching the movie ten times more authentic. You didn’t feel you had to politely hold back, it was all about enjoyment.

Girls Trip - Oooooo.jpg

Surprisingly for me, I found comic relief, Dina not to be as annoying as her role stereotypically requires. It helped that her function wasn’t just to bust out the one liners and make the audience cringe, she had a character: The lovable baby of the group… who happened to be psychotic.

Everybody loves a recognisable cast and so along with the poster girls, it was fun seeing Mike Colter (The Good Wife, Luke Cage) and Kofi Siriboe (Queen Sugar, Awkward) as well spotting a number of celebrities who played themselves; Morris Chestnest, P Diddy, Mariah Carey, Estelle and Common to name but a few.

Okay okay, niceties aside there one or two qualms I had with the movie. First being that there was so much focus on Ryan and Sasha’s lives, leaving Lisa and mostly Dina to essentially play back up. It makes sense that depth isn’t a priority in a comedy for each and every character, but a little more would have been nice.

There were a few low budget moments that made the movie seem a little direct-to-video. The godawful pink and blue “Girls Trip title that appeared in the opening. The word Girls in a fancy cursive and ‘Trip’ in formal script. It was like being transported back to the nineties. The same went for Ryan’s voice-over; it was outdated and cheapened the movie.

Overall, Girls Trip was the perfect combination of that lighthearted, lessons learnt comedy movie that we all need in our lives.


Well I for one will be severely disappointed if there is not a Girls Trip 2.

Pitchforks down people. I know. This pretty much goes against everything I’ve being spewing at the end of a number of my previous reviews about how ‘Hollywood needs to learn to leave well enough alone *shakes fist*‘…. and so yes. I am being a big fat hypocrite okay?!

Kind of. I wouldn’t want there to be another one if the plot was terrible. Maybe they could do a The Best Man/The Best Man’s Holiday and make us wait fourteen years for a sequel… but more like four years because heck, they’re not getting any younger.


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