Finally Watched… Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

I got one… one life, right? Mine. But I want someone else’s sometimes.

To be honest I have no clue why I didn’t go and see this when it came out in 2013. Though I want to blame a limited release and a short viewing window because I definitely remember gearing up to see it at the time because Jared Leto.

In 1985, Ron Woodroof is diagnosed with HIV and given 30 days to live. The disease has a stigmatised association with homosexuality, and so living in Texas, when Ron’s friends and co-workers learn of his illness he is instantly threatened and ostracized. Refusing to view his 30 days as an already tied and placed noose, Ron sets out for a cure in Mexico, not to defy the odds, but to simply stay alive. Based on a real life story the Dallas Buyers Club spans the final years of Ron Woodroof and the impact he made in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

When I came into this film all I knew was; Jared Leto and Aids, which were the facts I had acquired in 2013. Interest quelling after the Academy Award hype it received and with an other worldly detest for spoilers I never researched any further and as such was amazed and pleased by how layered the Dallas Buyers Club was. The unlikely business partner turned friendship between a hardcore right wing cowboy and a drug addicted trans woman, taking on the Food and Drug Administration, and the overall drive that manifests within us all to continue living. And of course the film was informative in its depiction on what it means to have AIDS, and the effects it can have on the individual and their loved ones.

Bloody hell, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are a pair of committed actors. They deserved their Academy Awards as they submerged themselves in their characters, becoming unrecognisable from the faces we’re used to. That being said – the shallow part of me feels the need to simultaneously watch a couple of 30 Seconds to Mars music videos and classic McConaughey rom-coms so I can have back the two good looking men in my mind.



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