TV Review: Delicious

A quick shout out to this delectable series staring Dawn French, Iain Glen and Emilia Fox who are stuck in a toxic love triangle with a dysfunctionally shared family to show for it.

When the patriarch dies unexpectedly, the widowed women are exposed to just how deep the lies he told them went, and who he was really looking out for whilst he was alive. They need to stick together but have countless reasons to hate one another – but frankly, each deserves their just desserts.

I’m not saying this was the best series in the entire universe, just that it deserved a mention. It was only four episodes, and as I had waited until each one had aired before binge watching the lot in the course of a day, I have to say it sated my appetite.

The locations were gorgeous, and helped encapsulate the characters in their own little world and Iain Glen’s voice over from the unknown, wasn’t as jarring as it had the potential to be. My only real qualms were that firstly; nobody really seemed that upset that he had died. Not his kids, his ex-wife, his current wife, or his mother (who I literally thought was his mother-in-law because she was so relaxed). Secondly there could have been a lot more food, stylishly laid plates, mouth watering displays and more praise for how good the cooking was, seeing as how it was such a big factor.¬†Lastly there were a few questionable themes that, though gave the story a new dimension, ultimately felt like it was done purely for the shock factor.

So yeah that’s it really. If you’ve got three hours spare one day, I suggest tucking into Delicious – it’ll go down a treat.



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