Year Review: 2016

So the year has come and gone once more, and in the spirit of reminiscing here is a short list of TV and Film that I loved and thought fell short in 2016.


My three favourite TV series’ of the year goes to War and Peace, New Blood and Class. It has only just occurred to me that all three of these shows are British and were broadcast through the BBC. I love the retelling of a classic, and think BBC and Look Out Point did a stupendous job of capturing Leo Tolstoy’s seemingly insurmountable work and raising the bar for a new age of television watchers. With New Blood and Class, their likability stems from the same root: Younger, diverse and relatable stories and cast for the forgotten demographic, and I hope to see more in 2017.

This isn’t a hate parade, it’s more so a… disappointment fiesta of shows I expected more from in 2016; DC Legends of Tomorrow, Undercover and Victoria. With the first, I blame my general adoration for the DC Universe that Greg Berlanti has created to date. Having loved Arrow and especially The Flash I expected to feel the same for Legends… and didn’t. Undercover just held so much potential and I thought the storyline dragged in places, was predictable and sometimes felt pointless. Victoria is one that I will go back to later on down the line. For me it is more of a binge watcher than a week to weeker due to the pacing, afterall it’s a biography so you can’t just fake action and twisting plots that didn’t exist.


When I was looking through previous posts I really didn’t expect to pick these three as my favourites for the year – go figure; Deadpool, Ghostbusters and The Accountant. Turns out I love to laugh because Deadpool and Ghostbusters were positively hilarious whilst having a plot that could hold water. I remember coming out of the cinema happy and already chatting away about some of the great moments. The Accountant was brilliant in it’s simplicity, the concept was intriguing and again the storyline was plausible as far as action films go. I really don’t ask for much from a movie.

Ironically my most disappointing films for the year were ranked the 6th, 8th and 9th highest grossing films of 2016 consecutively. Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts. There was definitely a lot of hype surrounding these three and we should all remember that a high gross doesn’t always equate to a high review. Long story short with all three there seemed to be a lot of noise but no solid story to back any of it up. On Fantastic Beasts I didn’t find that it really held its own, comparisons were inevitable, but was it supposed to make us think of Harry Potter or wasn’t it?

Okay so that’s me done for the year. Obviously there are a number of films and TV series that I didn’t watch this year (Captain America: Civil War, and Stranger Things to name a few) so it will be interesting to hear which films/TV shows made your lists.


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