Finally Watched… Steve Jobs (2015)

Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.

The structure of the film was completely unexpected and worked really well to tell a 14 year tale in just over two hours.

Feeling a little more play-like than movie, events unfolded around three pivotal moments for Jobs; Launching his newest products. So with that in mind there were three clear acts to explore a beginning, a middle and an end, and watch as Jobs and the people in his life struggled, failed and grew.

I think the focal themes of family, friendship, and loyalty were chosen well, three things that can be pulled to their limits without reaching breaking point so easily – thus making them a great pick in the analysis of their developments and reformations.

The main reason I watched this film is because it was written by one of my favourite screenwriters; Aaron Sorkin. However I am glad I didn’t go and see Steve Jobs in cinema when it was first released. Aaron Sorkin loves a soliloquy heavy rant or three and it was a lot easier to follow when I could pause and rewind at leisure!

It actually took me a good five minutes before I recognised her, but Kate Winslet was fabulous as Joanna Hoffman, who combo’d as Jobs’ Marketing Executive, Work Wife and Best Friend – Exactly the sort of woman you would want in your corner to keep you grounded.
Though he has been around for some time, and I have seen in him in the likes of X-Men First Class and Inglorious etc., I never thought anything of Michael Fassbender. But. After watching him as Steve Jobs… I’ll definitely be paying a lot more attention to his movements. There was just something so compelling and unique about the way he embodied Jobs, I felt like from his speech to his gait, he became Jobs and pulled you right down into the rabbit hole with him – heck –  what more can you ask from an actor?!

Side Note: Aaron Sorkin previously collaborated with actor Jeff Daniels (who plays CEO of Apple; John Sculley) on the 2012-2014 TV series The Newsroom – which happens to be one of my favourite shows.

Steve Gif.gif


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