TV Review: Class

This weekend the online only platform, BBC Three, premiered the first two episodes of the brand new Doctor Who spin off series: Class. From the trailer alone I knew it was going to be a completely different ball game, and I’m pleased to say it’s a ball game I’m going to enjoy watching.


Class has the opportunity to do something that Doctor Who is restricted by, and that’s being able to adapt its storylines, characters and language for a new generation. Doctor Who has been a staple in British family television since its original broadcast in 1963. With fans dating back to the first episode, it has the difficult task of trying to balance content to keep those original viewers, whilst simultaneously trying to draw in new ones.

Proving its intent within the first episodes which feature death, gore and nudity (to name a few things), Class takes away the burden from Doctor Who by using these elements to focus on drawing in teenagers and young adults.


Okay so I guess I’ve said a lot of things without saying anything, and you’re sat there wondering What the hell is Class?!
Set in the newly refurbished Coal Hill Academy (previously seen as Coal Hill Secondary School), three incredibly clever sixth former’s are tasked with battling the forces that appear through space-time (which has been stretched thin around the school because of all the Doctors time travelling). They all have their own issues to deal with: what with being teenagers and all, and saving the world may not be the extra-curricular activity they signed up for, but it’s the one they’ve been given.
Luckily they have refugee aliens – one posing as a student, and the other as a teacher – there to fight alongside them and guide them through some of the monsters that manage to come their way.


It’s a great way to get new fans hooked on the Doctor Who franchise, and allows for flexibility in its scripting and casting. Class is diverse, mirroring of culture through its references and honestly just a breath for fresh air for television.

We all know I have a three episode rule when it comes to most television series, but after the first two: I’m hooked. If by some inane reason you’re still unsure of Class, check out the trailer and tell me you’re not itching to watch it for yourself.

Class is in session.


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