Finally Watched… Dear White People (2014)

Dear white people, the minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been raised to two. Sorry, but your weed man, Tyrone, does not count.

What a fresh perspective on a tired tale.

It was funny, it was smart and the characteristics chosen for each character gave a unique and personal view on a subject where everyone’s opinion differs.

Keeping the issues confined to within an educational institution allowed us to be suffocated by the themes at hand. We were allowed no distractions and for the most part needed none, having a plethora of storylines to jump in and out of.

If there is one thing I love it’s character growth, and everyone came out the other end different – for better or worse – than the way they went in.

This satirical tale had a clear message about both racism and an inward look at black culture, as well as standing up for yourself and considering the world you live in. I don’t know why I put off watching this film for so long.

Side Note: Tessa Thompson and Kyle Gallner were both on Veronica Mars so seeing them in the same film made me very happy.Dear white people white male.gif


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