Favourite Film 4/5: Gone With the Wind

How can you not be a sucker for the classics? The birth of technicolour, crackling audio, the sweeping declarations of love and revenge, the selective block of lighting on a persons face symbolising sinister intentions?! 1939, what a time to make one of the greatest movies in the world.

Director: Victor Fleming (The Wizard of Oz)
Screenplay: Sidney Howard
Actors: Clarke Gable, Vivien Leigh
Running Time: 221minutes
Adaptation: Margaret Mitchell’s novel of the same name

Selfish, self absorbed and self serving Scarlett O’Hara proves that she is more than just daddy’s little girl. When her life of luxury takes a turn during the American Civil War she has to fight tooth and nail to claw her way out of danger. Amidst the chaos of war is a battle of the heart as she sets her sights on her best friends husband despite being wanted by Rhett Butler. Charming, cocky and contentious, Scarlett has met her match in Rhett who is one of the few people that can see past Scarlett’s bewitching gaze, although he hasn’t learnt to resist it.

GWTW Smile.gif

Why I Love It

I know the film is hella long but it utilises the time so well, spanning over years as we watch Scarlett grow, learn and fumble, and pick herself back up again every time. You love to hate her and you love that you don’t hate her at all. Rude, manipulative and most likely a sociopath Scarlett does everything wrong and yet it feels so right. Her relationship with Rhett is tragic, humorous and necessary for the both of them and you can’t help becoming invested in their romance.

Why you should watch it.

Please read above.
And if that for some reason wasn’t a good enough explanation for you then at least watch it because it’s a classic. It’s on every year around Christmas and makes for a great cosy afternoon in movie, either alone or with a buddy. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a group activity – there’s just too much going on, and if you’re a talker like me then watching this film will take twice as long…. and it’s already pretty damn long.

GWTW Rhett an Scar

How Many Times I’ve Seen It


Yeah yeah yeah I know. But the film is 221minutes people! That’s 3hours and 40minutes that could be used binge watching boxsets and re-watching Pride and Prejudice AND Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I need to pick my battles wisely.



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