The Media Production Show

The Media Production Show was in London on the 9th and 10th of June. As far as I am aware this is the first event they have ever launched (though I could be very wrong), and I managed to swing two days off work to attend.

I went all by my lonesome to listen to a number of talks, peruse a few stalls and get a tonne of free sweets.

Day 1
talk med prod show
New Kings of Content (Utilizing online platforms)
Directing Award Winning Drama (Bruce Goodison and Ed Bazalgette)
Being a Successful Woman in Film and TV (Kate Harwood, Oona King, Julia Stannard and Virginia Gilbert)
Interview with Tony Jordan (Tony Jordan)

Day 2
talk 2 med prod show
Directing Drama for International Audience (Lewis Arnold, Dearbhla Walsh etc)
Challenges Facing the UK Indie Film Sector (Jason Maza)
Diversity in the Creative Sector (Sara Johnson, Fraser Ayres etc)
Freelancers; Current Landscape (Production Guild, BECTU etc)

I learnt a little something from every talk I attended but I think the two most useful were; Directing Award Winning Drama and Directing Drama for an International Audience.
Speakers Bruce Goodison (Murdered by my Father, Doctor Foster, My Murder) and Ed Bazalgette (Doctor Who, Poldark, Holby City) gave an account of the different ways they were involved with the filmmaking process; Coming in when another director had already paved the way for the tone of the series, or being fortune enough to be involved from script to post production.

Directing Drama for an International Audience is a bit of an odd one I’ll give you that. Well not so much odd as incredibly specific. Directors talked about working habits of American television companies (hierarchy, token actors, finance), editing the final version of a drama for different mediums and coming back to directing shows that will only go out to a UK broadcasters.

Whilst at the event I tweeted my movements, handed out business cards and networked where possible, no matter how awkward it felt. It was a rare opportunity to get involved, get some advice and be in the know.
All that’s left for me to do is follow up with the contacts I made. If they decide to run another event next year I would love to attend, it was free, there were a range of talks to choose from depending on where your interests lay and everyone was really friendly.


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