Disney Re-vamp

As I briefly mentioned at the end of my  Jungle Book post sometime ago; Disney is undergoing some re-constructive surgery, primarily in it’s childhood area.

Mary Poppins (sequel)
The Tinkerbell Project
Beauty and the Beast
Winnie the Pooh
The Sword in the Stone

There are a handful more as well as a number of currently Untitled Disney Live Action Fairy-Tales planned for release up until 2020.
Interestingly I think are the live action tales that will be based off of characters that were barely touched on, or ones that were omitted completely;

Aladdin – Genies
Cinderella – Prince Charming
Snow White – Rose Red

Kind of like what Disney did with Maleficent – but hopefully a lot better.

Who know’s how they will turn out as there are many factors in play. Whilst some of the stories are set in stone, others have slightly more leeway because their original source (i.e; Grimms’ Fairy Tales) which most likely included a number of details that were either seen as too dark or out of theme for the tone they were trying to project. Directors, Screenwriters, Graphics, Actors etc. can all make or break any movie, so all we can do is wait and wish upon a star.

It’s interesting…or upsetting I suppose, to think that children growing up now may not even think to pick up what we view as the original Disney movies.


That they may instead want the live action adaptation on Blu-Ray for Christmas, despite you trying time and time again to make them understand that watching the video tape from you childhood on that VCR player you can’t bring yourself to throw away, is so much. more fun.

Are cartoons becoming obsolete? Are there excited children somewhere begging to stay up to watch one more episode of Sofia The First or The Lion Guard? Heck, if the content on Cartoon Network is anything to go by, then probably not. With shows like Clarence, Uncle Grandpa and The Amazing World of Gumball (I used to have a lot of free time in the afternoons), the creators of these shows seem to be walking a fine line by attempting to masquerade adult humour within children’s cartoons.

Uncle Granpa.gif

…Case and Point.

Maybe this has always been the norm but as I’ve long since crossed the bridge into adulthood, I can see what my previous child-sized rose coloured glasses wouldn’t allow me to… Or perhaps children are growing up a lot faster with our generations obsession with social media and content sharing that cartoons are just doing what they can to stay relevant?

I seemed to have tripped and fallen down the rabbit hole for a second there, and completely gone off topic…

Live Action Disney; Bring it on.


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