Companion Who?

Last night the Doctors new companion for Season 10 of the beloved British series Doctor Who was revealed.Say hello to Pearl Mackie who will be playing the role of Bill.

So what do we know about Pearl Mackie, the traveller we will be living vicariously through next season? Well not an awful lot, which is equal parts exciting and annoying. Basically we know that she’s worked mainly in theatre since 2010 (most notably in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time) and that’s about it.

My first impression? She seems like she’s going to be… fun. I’m sensing her character will be a weird mix between Rose Tyler (Season 1) and Donna Noble. There’s not really much else I can say from there, except roll on 2017.

As we look forward, let’s cast our minds back and pour a little out for the main past companions as we take a quick look down memory lane…

Rose T
Rose Tyler: Bad Wolf

Martha J
Martha Jones: The Girl Who Walked The Earth

Donna N
Donna Noble: The Doctor Donna

Amy P
Amy Pond: The Girl Who Waited
(My favourite companion)

Clara O
Clara Oswald: The Girl Who Was Born To Save The Doctor



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