Hot Seat

I know that I recently said “It’s not everyday competition, sometimes connect” but humour me for what comes next; How much do you reveal to your “competition”?

Hey, in my defence I said it’s not everyday competition, which stands to reason that some days it is! Anywhom, the common questions I am being at my new job (except for my name) seems to revolve around the follow;

1.What have you done before this?
2.What do you want to go into?
3.What else do you do?

Now I am a naturally private person – except for some reason when it comes to blogging – and so I struggle to reveal personal information. On top of that I’m incredibly suspicious of people, and as such my mind has a tendency to concoct the most bizarre and out of this world scenarios. i.e.; by giving someone my name they can start the second intergalactic war (The first war was started after I told someone my shoe size) and so when I’m put on the spot I try and keep things vague.

However what I have come to realise, is that the people that ask you these questions, can normally be sorted into one of the following categories.
1. The Shark; Who is sniffing for blood trying to suss if you’re in the same league as them – and if they should be worried.
2. Kind but Uncaring; Interested for nothing more than interests sake and ask simply  to be civil.
3. The Big Dog; They will use your answers to get a sense of your character and potentially help further your career but offering advice or introducing you to someone who can help.

The trick is deciding which category they fall into within three seconds of meeting them, so you can adjust your answers accordingly. What’s important is that you always have an answer, even if you choose not to share it with the group.


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