TV: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Tonight on Sky1 airs the forth episode from the latest DC Comic televerse; Legends of Tomorrow. This new initiative is a clever way to bring together a range of B and C Plot characters from The Flash and The Arrow – although for what reason, I am still unsure.

As I have stated before, my rule when it comes to starting a new television series is as follows; Don’t judge a series by its pilot – or second episode (but by the third you should know if you want to continue or not.) And so with this long, albeit necessarily specific thought in mind, here is my run down of the first three episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

First and foremost, for the life of me I cannot decide if it was a good thing or a bad, that within the first nine minutes the basis of the series had been established and the entire team had been recruited. Sure, for someone like me who has watched both the Arrow and the Flash since they premièred, I was spared a painful character catch-up, but if you’ve never delved into any other show from the DC televerse, then those opening nine minutes are perhaps a little too hot to handle.

It seems as though the number nine is to be the theme of this analysis, as it also happens to be the number of people that make up the Legends team. If you’re sat there reading this thinking “Golly, nine is a large number, even for an ensemble cast; there is no way they can make that work effectively!” Then 10 points to whatever house you’re in, because you are 100% right. It was impossible to connect with any of the characters as just when you started to get attached; they would on to someone else’s drama.

And I use the term drama very lightly as my next issue is that even though it’s meant to be about their lives, it’s not about their lives. This may sound a little strange but it seems that it’s all about the mission. No threads about their love lives, or their families, or anything personal in general, except for their plight to be seen as Legends. #Yawn

Which smoothly leads me on to my penultimate point of “Legends”. Now it’s been a while since I’ve watched Charmed or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I know this show doesn’t follow Wiccan rules, but the words Personal Gain jump to mind, along with warning bells as it seems that the driving force of the main characters is to be seen as Legends. From the more villainous of the team I can let it slide, however who has ever heard of a hero whose mission in life was to become a legend? Kinda defeats the whole hero purpose.Am I right or am I right?

Side Note!
A character that has not come up before on the DC Televerse is Rip Hunter, who is played by the one and only Arthur Darvill. He played the beloved Rory Williams on Doctor Who from series five. Rip Hunter is a Time Master, and I hope that other Whovians out there find the irony in his new role as humorous as I do.

Rip Hhnter.gif

It seemed to me that the story of (creatively named) Hawkgirl and Hawkman was to thin to warrant its own spin-off series. So the network did the next best thing by taking the characters, their origin story and their villain, and wrapped it up in a format that would be slightly more layered in order to bulk out a relatively simple story – admittedly a clever parlour trick.

As cruel as it sounds, part of me can’t help but to see this new series as a Budget Avengers,  and heck for all we know perhaps that is exactly what DC was aiming for. What better way to test out the dynamic of an ensemble cast, through an original series so they can iron out the creases before Justice League hits the big screen in 2017? Now there’s a theory and a half…

To surmise, it is said that Heroes get remembered, Legends never die. This case can be deemed the exception to the rule as shan’t  be tuning in to episode four, later this evening. However I suppose if it was on and there was nothing else to watch; I could sit through it with zero expectations. (But with so many other options out there – what are the odds of that?)


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