It’s Not Everyday Competition – Sometimes Connect.

I was recently at an interview (which is clearly all I do with my time) and colour me surprised, but I had a good time. Normally I am not the greatest fan of group interviews, they feel awkward, staged and endless, but what was odd and incredibly rare, is that we all got on really well.

There was about fifteen of us in the group interview, and after the initial Stand up and tell us your name, where you’re from and an interesting fact that no one will remember portion, we were split into groups of four (and one three). We had a few icebreakers put into place for us to find out more about one another, and this is where I would say things changed. Somewhere along the line we started having discussions about our favourite screenwriters and directors (as film buffs tend to do) giving each other recommendations and making jokes along the way.

In fact at one point one of the interviewers had to pause the conversations taking place around the room to remind us that we were in an interview setting and that we were still being monitored. During lunch you could tell the dynamic had shifted as people chair hopped, joining in with discussions, finding common interests and sharing media related anecdotes.


After the interview had ended I saw a few people exchanging numbers and write down names so that they could add each other on Facebook. I walked to the station with a few people where we talked about the interview, life goals, realised we shared some of the same creative mentalities and all agreed how surprised we were that the five hour day had flown.

Despite the number of friends we have, it isn’t often that we share the same passions and interests no matter how close you are – and that’s okay. The same can be said for our colleagues; although you’re in the same profession, it doesn’t guarantee your compatibility. I’m not saying that outside the bubble of the circumstances that brought us together that we would still get along but it came down to a unique sense of community and social understanding, something that you don’t come across that often.

Who knows what will come of the interview, at the end of the day I was glad to have been in an environment with open and like minded individuals who I hope crop up again on my journey.


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