What I’m Watching

Upsettingly my Sky Planner is chocked full of shows I haven’t yet had time to catch up on. I keep tethering on the edge of having 0% space available and my heart races at the thought that a recording *gulps* fails.

And so with that in mind I thought would give you a run down of all the shows that I’m watching (and have recorded and mean to start watching) on UK TV – which in most cases, is weeks behind the US airdate, so no spoilers please!.

The People v OJ Simpson Season 1
Penny Dreadful Season 1
The Musketeers Season 1
Suits Season 5
Modern Family Season 7
The Flash Season 2
The Royals Season 2
DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 1
The 100 Season 3
The Good Wife Season 7
Quantico Season 1

Baring in mind this list doesn’t include some of the TV Series’ I follow on the American schedule, you can understand why I am so far behind.

What are you guys enjoying watching right now?


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