Spider-Man Snub

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will now feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having previously been in his own self contained world since 2002 when Toby Maguire donned the blue and red suit. This is thanks to an agreement between Marvel and Sony Pictures Entertainment – who hold the rights to Spider-Man.

There has been talk about the web slinger being featured in the newest Captain  America Film, and we got a little taster in the latest trailer.

MCU Spiderman.gif

There were many excited tweets and comments from fans worldwide, but from me? Red and blue hot anger over the upcoming new Spider-Man film franchise. This is a topic that my friends are tired of me repeating bobbed once again to the surface when I saw the newest adaptation of Spider-Man; What about Andrew Garfield? Remember him? He’s gone off the radar since he was made to hang up his mask and his web and I seem to be the only one who cares.

The Amazing Spider-Man premiered in 2012, and started the American born/British raised adorkable actor Andrew Garfield as the titular character. Having met with fantastic reviews, in 2013 Sony Pictures Entertainment announced plans for a further three films in the franchise for 2014, 2016 and 2018 respectively. However after the second instalment gained unfavourable reviews and didn’t make as make in the box office the third film was pushed back to a vague date in 2018, and eventually all subsequent films were cancelled.


Quick Math
The Amazing Spider-Man:  759.7mil (Box  Office) – 230mil (Budget)  = 529.7mil (Profit)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 709mil (Box  Office) – 255mil (Budget)  = 454mil (Profit)


AG Sad

There has been a number of rumours and reasons as to why the film series got cancelled; it’s under performance, the Sony/Marvel agreement, the difficulty of implementing Spider-Man’s already established world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, needing a younger actor, Kaz Hirai. However at the end of the day, I’m sat here like; what about Andrew Garfield. He got tossed aside and that really aggravates me. I know that it comes with the uncertainty of the industry, and call me childish but it just seems unfair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our personality split guilt ridden slightly moody hero, my issue is the fact that I was enjoying all of that embodied within Andrew Garfield. As well as that I hate when things are left unfinished, they could have tied up the story-world of The Amazing Spider-Man before making us sit through another origin story less than five years after the last one.


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