The Rejection Trifecta

On Friday whilst most people were celebrating pay day and the end of another successful week, I had gotten three rejection emails.

I have a very systematic search and apply process and can easily go from having eight different roles to apply to one week, to nothing the next. My current unemployed status stands to reason that I have therefore been rejected from numerous jobs whether by cut throat silence or by receiving that dreaded email that has the looming words unfortunately. However this is the first time that I had gotten three in one day.

The first one wasn’t so bad as I had expected, it having bungled a question on the Verbal Reasoning Test I had to take for the second stage of the assessment (and we all know what company asks for those). The Second rejection email was also expected (read Defending Your Achievements to understand why) but fuelled by the first rejection, caused a slight sting and the third email really brought it home.

It got to me the most because I had only sent off my application the day before, and one of the delusions I live under is that the longer the company takes to get back to you, the tougher their decision was to let you go. Obviously getting a reply less than 24 hours later meant that there was no deliberation necessary – I was just a piece of shit.

So how does one come up for air when they are drowning in their own self pity?

1. Quit.
Honestly. I quit, I said to myself what’s the point? Clearly I haven’t got what it takes if three completely different and relatively unrelated companies don’t want me.

I spent the weekend in bed. I didn’t look for a single job as I would normally do, or work on one of my writing projects. I mooched around in my pyjamas watching films on my laptop and caught up on my reading.

3. Plan
My back up career is to work in Advertising so that weekend I also researched Junior Advertising positions in London. I then added some prospective jobs to a folder I have on my computer.

4. Get angry
The more I researched Advertising the more I got annoyed because I didn’t want to work in advertising. I wanted to be a bloody filmmaker. I wanted to bloody direct and write and give a bloody amazing speech at some bloody award ceremony where no one thought I would even bloody win while I wore a bloody amazing dress!

5. Renewed Conviction
By Monday I was back to my search and apply process. Just because three companies all happened to reject me on the same day didn’t mean I wouldn’t and couldn’t accomplish what I had set out too. I would make these companies rue the day they rejected me by become unrejectable.

Of course a few incredibly cheesy images help too.


Well more along the lines of this one from a 27 year old Meryl Streep
Meryl 23


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