Let Me Explain: Why It’s Good To Talk In The Cinema

So I will be the first to admit: I always talk through a movie. Like legit. Always.

I saw a film with a friend last week and she literally said and I quote:

“If you don’t shut the f**k up I am going to stab you with this plastic fork”

I am part of that hated coven of chatty cinema goers that everyone loves to hate, but let me first iron out a few points. Firstly: I never (intentionally) talk very loudly, I gracefully whisper to the person next to me. Secondly: I am considerate enough to try and choose seats away from other people – Granted my choice seats are dead centre so more often than not this theory is flawed. Thirdly: I never talk when the characters are talking – unless they’re going to say something totally predictable. See, I’m not a monster I have standards!

Now let’s get down to the good stuff. I’m going to start with a quote that  I came across this week “Whether you are a film viewer or a filmmaker, cinema is a social experience.”
Now this can be interpreted in many a ways, but I am going to take it at its face value and reiterate; cinema is a social experience.

If you go shopping with friends, out to eat, or even if you’re on the train – you talk. You laugh and joke about what’s happening around you, making something out of nothing and ending up in stitches. What you don’t do is hang around one another silently, having witty inner monologues with yourselves.

Therefore why can’t the same be said for cinema trips? I don’t want to have to take notes so I can make a point or crack a joke 104 minutes after it’s relevant. Understandably there are social etiquettes to follow and so I’m not saying to chuckle like hyenas and scream at the screen (unless the scene 1000% calls for it). What I am saying is that I love going to the cinema, I love being comfortable with my Cinema Sweet Popcorn and large packet of Starbursts (with all the orange ones picked out pre-movie). I paid for my ticket like everyone else and I feel that being able to discuss the film as it goes on, whether by a quick gab to a pal or with an exclamation at the screen to characters that never heed my sage advice. I believe talking during a movie adds value and a personal touch to the experience.

Well that’s what I tell myself to sooth the plastic fork marks in my arm.

What do you think? Are you a Chatty Cathy or a Silent Sally when the lights go down?


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