Archive: The Abominable Bride

It has been two years since we last saw our guys at 221B Baker Street, and even though this episode counts only as a “special” and not a season; we’ll take whatever fix we can get – even if it means going back to Victorian England in the late 1800’s.

After a mad bride shoots up a street full of unsuspecting people, they think their troubles have come to an end when she turns the gun on herself. However when The Bride appears to her husband a day later, and other men across London despite her public self-execution, the story of The Abominable Bride is born.

What I liked about this episode is that it still linked (and quite cleverly I may add) to the events of the present day. For those that have forgotten in the past two years since the last episode aired: Sherlock was exiled for murdering Charles Augustus Magnussen only to be called back into the fold less than ten minutes later when we discover that Moriarty is back.

The episode was half a trip down memory lane, with elements and quotes from the first three seasons, and also a way for us to see how the show could have ended up. We all know and love our modern day Sherlock and Watson, jumping into black cabs across London and performing experiments in well-equipped labs, but that’s not the world Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ interpretation and adaptation worked out really well, but The Abominable Bride gave us an insight to what could have been, and I don’t think we would have been disappointed.

The episode giveth and the episode taketh away. Although it was great to have Moustache and his High Functioning Sociopath, back on our screens, once the credits rolled, the crushing realisation that we may have to wait another two years to have them come back settled in.

However fear not as it does seem that we may only be waiting a year for series 4, as filming is expected – by Moffat – to begin in April this year, with a speculative air date of 2017.

The game is on.


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