Archive: The Return of Luther

It seems as though in the past few years, we the audience have realised the power that we truly hold over Production Companies, Broadcasters and even Actors. With our mad collective brain power, we have managed to revive Luther for a two-part return.

When we last saw Luther, his partner and friend Detective Sargent Justin Ripley had been gunned down by a rouge vigilante, and he was debating running away from all his troubles with sociopath Alice Morgan (denoted by a dramatic coat toss into the River Thames).

The two part episode that saw Luther return focused around the case of a Cannibalistic Killer, targeting seemingly random individuals. The sadistic and calculated mind of the Killer led to the death of a detective on the case, and so John Luther is dragged into the bullpen during his leave of absence, and it couldn’t have been at a worse time. Making his own investigations into the alleged death of a friend, Luther tethers frightfully close to the edge of right and wrong in order to get some answers, all the while trying to put an end to the reign of terror of the Cannibalistic Killer.

Idris Elba was as powerful as ever as DCI John Luther, almost as though he had never truly left the role since it last aired in 2013. In fact the entire show seemed as though it had been left on pause for two years. Though the themes stayed true to form and the storyline bordered perfectly on the line between inhuman and intriguing, I was incredibly dissatisfied.

The downside to this new self-appointed superpower of the audience; is that we may never again experience closure when a TV Series comes to an end. Writers, Production Companies and Actors can now hold out hope to be brought back one day. They can ransom our decision by leaving the finale wide open; open to interpretation, and open to the possibility that we are missing out on what happens next, once the screen fades to black and the credits begin to roll.

Teasing us, daring us, and goading us to pick up our proverbial remotes and un-pause them, like we did Luther, like we did Veronica Mars, and like we will do again. With great power comes great responsibility.


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