Archive: You May Jekyll, But You Can’t Hyde

Last week Sunday saw the premier of the somewhat eagerly anticipated new ITV drama, Jekyll and Hyde, which is based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

The pilot episode was set against the tranquil and indescribably beautiful Ceylon in Shri Lanka, and the gritty cobble stoned streets of London as we were introduced to Robert Jekyll (Tom Bateman), a man whose life is riddled with secrets that he crosses half the world to discover. Jekyll has his own problems dealing with his “anger” and the lies he’s been told about his past, but amidst the fog clung streets of London he is unaware of the movements of the M.I.O (Military Intelligence Other) and the steps they have taken to discover who/what he is.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode, as it ticked many of my preferred boxes; mystery, violence, humour, and elements of the supernatural. Batemans acting was a tad on the theatrical side at times which was a little distracting, but all in all my planner has been set to record the entire series. Being a committed Whovian – ITV’s aim to capture the Doctor Who audience may just be paying off, as Jekyll and Hyde has move of a grown up and real life feel than Doctor Who currently does.

However many views who tuned in with their younger ones at 6:30pm got a little more than they bargained for. ITV were bungled with over 500 complaints, which in the course of the week grew to a staggering 800, from viewers, who said that the content of Jekyll and Hyde was just too brutal to be on so early.

But with The X Factor on at 8:00pm and Downton Abbey at 9:00pm, will there still be room for the little show that could, and the potential audience it could generate?


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